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Get to the point.

Many changes are coming in 2021. That’s why we created a limited-time email series – made by executives, for executives – that gets to the point on the current headlines. Get what you need to know to run your business in a bi-weekly, simple digest.

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Keep leading.

Through April 30, we’ll send a digest email twice a month, with the updates you need to know to run your business. Our team will sift through the details and get to the point on the current events that impact your business so that you can get on with your day with what you need to know. We'll distill:

  • The new presidency and legislation that comes with it
  • Ongoing COVID-19 concerns
  • The new normal at work

We'll do all the research. You keep leading. 

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Keep tabs on:


A New President

The first 100 days of a new presidency is always packed with changes, and it will be anything but boring in 2021. We'll keep you up to date on new policies, executive orders, and legislation that is in the news.



Unfortunately, the coronavirus is expected to be around for a bit longer, which means the Family Medical Leave Act, requirements for masks and social distancing, and expectations for vaccines as it relates to the workplace are all still fluctuating. 

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A New Normal

Believe it or not, our world will start to return to normal in 2021 in some respects...it just might be a bit different. We'll be watching trends, technology, and requirements for getting your employees back to a new normal. 

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It's not forever.

We respect and understand your time and inboxes. That's why, after April 30, you won't hear from us again unless you want to. This is a limited-time email series designed to be helpful in a season when people may need it. 

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